Beauty Origin Lab Serum and Exfoliant Review


Beauty Origin Lab is a Canadian Based Skincare brand that focuses on creating natural beauty products with organic ingredients. I was given the chance to try out some more of their new products not long ago including an exfoliant and a few serums. Continue reading for my thoughts!


Natural Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Natural Vitamin C Serum for Sensitive Skin

Let’s start with the serums shall we? When I received these two bottles I was very excited to give them a try in my makeup routine. The Hyaluronic Acid Serum can be used to hydrate and moisturize the skin, the Vitamin C Serum can help improve the texture of the skin and protect it from damage, recommended for people with sensitive skin. Both of these products are very interesting however I haven’t noticed a massive difference between the two in my routine. Both behave similarly on the skin and do not irritate it. I do like using the products after cleansing and before moisturizing as I think it helps smooth my skin. Both serums come in a sturdy amber glass bottle with dropper, very lush.

Sandalwood Face Exfoliant with Aloe Vera

The first thing I will say about this product is that the scent isn’t my favourite thing in the world. Looking at the product, you might not think of much but I think the combination of the texture and ingredients work well together. I really like how fine this exfoliant is as it helps remove the dead skin from my face. I have never tried a product as finely milled as this and I think it is amazing! I generally have quite large pores in the center of my face but I found they tightened a little after using this. Generally, exfoliants can make my skin break out as because of the scent of this I thought it would irritate my skin. I was happily surprised to find that it didn’t and I think that is due to the Aloe Vera in it. Overall this is a great product and I would love to see if they come out with more scrubs with different ingredients.

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