Affordable Makeup Storage


I’ve been trying to find a makeup storage system that works for me for a very long time. I *think I may have found the perfect solution to my problems and it is totally affordable! Here is what my makeup storage currently looks like!

I purchased 2 sets of drawers from Ikea last fall. They are called the Helmer unit and I went for the white powder coating. I chose these drawers because they fit perfectly underneath the desk that I currently have (also form Ikea but discontinued). I built the drawers one evening with ease and found they held up really nicely. The materials are just sturdy enough when put together but easy enough to bend into place while putting them together. I like how they are metal rather than particle board as I find they hold up better and can be cleaned easily. I like the silver hardware it comes with and it also has little space to label the drawers if I really wanted to.

These drawers are quite shallow like the Alex drawers from Ikea that I know are very popular. They are perfect to use for makeup storage because everything is compact and slim so you are not wasting space. Overall, I think these drawers are very affordable and really good quality for the price.

Inside my drawers I have started putting in MUJI plastic storage containers to section out my makeup. I picked up a variety of shapes for the various makeup products like pencils, compacts etc. I decided to pick the containers that have the straight sides so that they can fit snuggly into the drawer. I was very satisfied when I found out these containers are the perfect height to fit into these drawers and I will totally be going back for more.

What do you guys do to organize your makeup?

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