Maybelline Push Up Angel Mascara


If you ask me what makeup item I cannot leave the house without it is 100% mascara! This Maybelline Push Up Angel has been in my makeup bag for a couple of months and here are my thoughts!


I love Maybelline mascaras for many reasons. I love the price and their formulas give my non-existant lashes a luscious, separated look. The Push Up Angel is no exception. I always pick up waterproof Maybelline mascaras as I find they keep the curl in my stubborn lashes. It never has an obnoxious smell and never flakes throughout the day.

This wand intrigued me as it only has bristles on one side rather than all around. I’ve loved the Lash Sensational wand, which converted me to plastic wands, so I decided to give it a try. I find the Angel wand is the perfect size for me. I can get really close to my lash line and even do the bottom lashes without touching skin. This wand is even smaller than the Lash Sensational and gets in all the tight spaces and corner.

I don’t notice a big difference in formula between the two but I still enjoy using both products. If your lashes need a little more attention and detail I suggest the Push Up Angel. If you have naturally long lashes and just need a top up the Lash Sensational will get the job done.

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