A Sure Thing by Marie Harte Book Review


I love a good book series where all of the main characters in each of the books are all friends or are siblings or are connected in some way. I love reading small town romances where 3 best friends or a group of siblings gradually find the love of their lives in strange and unusual ways. I love the character building in a series and seeing cameos of some of my favourite characters in different books. Marie Harte’s A Sure Thing, is for sure is going to be one of my new favourites.

This is the first book in The Donnigans series that revolve around a group of brothers. Landon, the eldest brother, who is an ex-Marine Corps was discharged from service after being shot in the leg. He is making his transition into civilian life by teaching a self-defense class at his local gym. At the gym he meets Ava, a clinical psychologist who is *trying * to work the dating scene but failing miserably to Landon’s delight. Together Landon and Ava are explosive but are they the perfect pair for each other?


I could not contain my laughter in while reading this book. It was very well written that I felt as if I was in the room with these two bickering away at each other. The dialogue and running jokes kept this novel fast paced and exciting yet still managed not to be too cheesy.

I never really found many contemporary reads that were this sexy before and I have to give that all to the eldest Donnigan. I never thought it would be so hot to be bossed around by an ex-Marine Corps before but I guess there is a first time for everything. He is so straight forward and fast on his feet. He is so confident himself that it makes me WANT to start a fight with him but he plays it down so he doesn’t come off as cocky. How charming!

Ava is such s solid character and I can see many of her traits in me. We are both hard working, hard headed and quite stubborn. She is definitely a fiery one who is willing to cut Landon down a bit. She has to be a quick one to be able to punch the air out of Landon’s head every now and again and their chemistry is out of this world!

Overall, I totally recommend this book if you want a contemporary romance with some extra heat. I completely love Landon and Ava to a point where I didn’t want this book to end. I am so ready to read the next book in the series. Just The Thing is about Landon’s brother, Gavin who is also an ex- Marine Corps but he is suffering from PTSD. This is for sure going to be a good read and I cannot wait to see who he gets paired up with!

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2 thoughts on “A Sure Thing by Marie Harte Book Review

    • ariebea

      Go for it! Reading before bed is my perfect way to unwind. I should slow down my reading now that I have finals coming up but they are just too good!

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