Current Mood: Orange All Over


This may be excess from Halloween but, orange has been my go to colour this autumn season. It is the colour of the pretty fall leaves, and as of lately, my eye shadow! When neutrals are not enough I really recommend you give orange (or red) a try! Here are some of my favourite products to get some orange in my life!


One of the safest ways to incorporate orange into your everyday makeup is with lip products! An orangey red lipstick is perfect for this time of the year and very wearable but I’ve been gravitating towards a more burnt orange colour. I love Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II because it is still wearable but leans on the orange side.

To make my orange eye shadows pop I like putting on an orange base to intensify the colours. I’ve been using the Sephora Collection Contour Matte Gel Liner in the shade Sly Like A Fox. I admit that it is on the dry side but it takes my orange and red eye shadows to the next level. I recommend using your finger to warm up the product during application. If anyone knows any alternatives to this that are creamier but still in this colour family hit me up!

When all else fails, add glitter. I picked up a sample of the Touch In Sol Metallist Liquid Foil & Glitter Shadow Duo in the shade Margaret and it is my current quick fix glam look. I really enjoy the liquid foil because I know it won’t move throughout the day. And it is packed with glitter throughout so no patchy bits! The glitter is quite chunky but is easy to work with but I tend to like the look of the liquid alone rather than layered. I am looking forward to picking up one in full size as the application technique looks a lot easier versus the sample packaging I currently have.

What orange items have you been loving lately?


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