Book Review: Guilty As Cinnamon by Leslie Budewitz


BOO! I am sure that didn’t scare you but could you pretend it did anyways, haha? Today is a spooky holiday otherwise known as Halloween so I thought, what better time to review a new cozy mystery novel!


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I find this genre of book perfect for this time of year. It isn’t a thriller that scares your pants off but it has a good amount of warmth and heart in it than makes you want to wrap up in bed on cold evenings. Guilty As Cinnamon by Leslie Budewitz is the first cozy mystery that I came across. It is the second book in her Spice Shop Mysteries series and unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to read the first titled, Assault And Pepper.

The series revolves around a woman named Pepper who owns a spice shop in the Seattle Pike Place Market. Throughout the series the amateur sleuth winds herself up in various police investigations that she is determined to crack. I absolutely love the play on works that Budewitz includes in her titles and her on going theme of cooking and spices she carries into her storylines. I really enjoyed this novel as it was kept very warm and friendly with the mystery in the background as the guiding the story instead of vice versa. The novel instead of being purely mystery based still had time for Pepper and her friends and employees to have a full background story aside from the current storyline. For me it gave the characters feel wholesome and well rounded, like they had a life before the book began and continued where it ended.

I really enjoyed the writing in this novel as the author was able to include a play on words like read in her titles that first caught my eye. I also really liked how the author was able to describe character’s settings and thoughts using food and spice references. She stayed very well on theme and was able to incorporate it seamlessly into her works without sounding too kitschy or forced.

This book is very well written and I think the plotline was very well thought out and kept me guessing. Although I don’t necessarily would have done a lot of what Pepper did in this book, like meddle her way into a serious police investigation, I still have a soft spot for her and her little pup, Arf! I will be very excited to read the rest of this series and more cosy mysteries in the future. I am really happy I decided to pick up this book.


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