Mini Thanksgiving Sephora Haul


I did a mini Sephora order last week to tide me over the Thanksgiving weekend (because why not?). I wanted some practical things and little treats to use over the extra long weekend as I also have reading week, lets dive in.


The one practical item was a new full sized BeautyBlender Solid Cleanser. I’ve been using my beauty blender for a very long time now and it is the only thing I trust to thoroughly clean my sponge. I hate it when I attempt a good wash and my sponge still has bits of foundation marks on it. Did I really use that much foundation? Should I be cleaning this more often? Did I scrub that side already? Am I this lazy that I can’t take the time to wash out a SPONGE for 5 minutes?

I had a mini solid cleanser that currently looks like a donut that is crumbling to bits so yeh, it was time for a new one. I was presently surprised to see they have added a scrubby pad in with the cleanser (they didn’t have it when my sister purchased it a while back). I like using this when I want a deep clean on my makeup brushes as well but I generally stick to using a mild liquid soap.

For the time being I think the remains of my mini solid cleaner will keep my brushes clean and my new snazzy scrubby pad will help my fingers not get as prune-like.

I also picked up a new eyeliner (not that I needed it) from the Sephora Collection in the shade Sly Like A Fox. It is a Contour matte gel liner in this interesting orange colour that I thought was unique. I picked it up because I remembered Bailey Sarian using it as an eye shadow base in her YouTube tutorials. It is a really interesting orange that isn’t rusty but isn’t bright either. I do think this pencil is on the dry side and when I first opened it the crayon bit came out of the tube but it seems to work fine now. It is a very long lasting liner but I will give it a better shot in the next couple of weeks. If it doesn’t work as an eyeliner it could be a great lipliner?!

The last item I picked up is to refresh myself during my reading week. I have been pushed this way and that with school and I wanted something fun to do while I have the time. So, I picked up a new sheet mask from Sephora in the Algae Purifying & Detoxifying formula. I definitely need a detox from the city air so I will be putting this to good use asap.

Hope you enjoyed this super short haul. Can I call it a haul if it only has 3 items in it? Well, regardless I hope you all have a lovely week and find some time to treat yourself every now and again! Cheers!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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