My Current Base: Mac Cosmetics


It can be incredibly challenging to find the perfect foundation. There are so many shades for different skin types and then personal preference comes into play with finishes and coverage. I recently switched up my routine to include, the classic, MAC Cosmetics Face and Body foundation and Select Moisturecover concealer. Here are my thoughts on both of these products.


MAC is a brand I always wanted to dive into when I was younger. It can be very intimidating to walk up to a MAC counter especially when you are not knowledgeable in makeup in the first place. Over my years of makeup, I’ve conquered that fear and now that I’ve can say that I love the brand and their products.

My base routine currently includes MAC Face and Body foundation. I’ve heard so much about this foundation over the years and for some reason I expected it to be a lot more expensive than this little bottle was. The 50ml bottle costs $33 CAD which is a steal in my eyes. This foundation has been used by bloggers, models and on runways for as long as I can remember. If it can stand the test of time, there has to be some magical formula in it that everyone loves.

I picked up my Face and Body in the shade C1. I really like this shade because it has a cool undertone. I find it difficult to find my correct foundation undertone in many brands as I am not extremely yellow or pink. I am somewhere in the middle/neutral. I noticed throughout most days my skin takes a pinker flush to it in my cheeks so I decided to take a cooler toned foundation to cancel that out.

Choosing a shade in Face and Body isn’t extremely difficult as you can go a few shades lighter and darker and they will still work very well. This formula is sheer and skin like but can be very buildable. I think this is best for people with dry skin but I have normal combination skin and it still works well on me powdering thought the day.

I really enjoy the finish of this foundation because it is dewy and fresh looking. Because the consistency is quite watery I like using a Real Techniques Buffing brush to work it into my skin. It has been a couple of months since first trying this and I love it. I now see the reason why models and makeup artists use this so much. It is really easy to apply and the shade range is lovely. Because they are in plastic bottles, they are easy to travel with and since they are only $33 CAD you can buy two different shades and mix and match as you seem fit throughout seasons.

With my MAC Face and Body, I also use MAC Select Moisturecover over my hyperpigmentation. I find that a lot of MAC products work well with other MAC products. They all seem to work together which is something I really enjoy. I have this concealer in the shade NC15 and it retails for $24 CAD. Compared to the Urban Decay Naked concealer I would say the MAC is more moisturizing and it lasts well during the day. I would have expected it to wipe off or wear down but it stays in place nicely. I use this over my cheeks as well because like I said my cheeks flush easily. This concealer doesn’t crease or get funky around my eyes and nose and like the Face and Body feels very light weight.

I am really happy with my base products at the moment. I think these two products work nicely together with a little powder overtop. I love very natural, glowy skin and if you do too I suggest trying some of these products out.


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