MAC Eye Pencil in Coffee and Eye Kohl in Smoulder REVIEW


MAC is such an amazing brand that I find myself on their website at least 2-3 times a week. Last week I mentioned the High & Fine liner kit from Marc Jacobs and although they are gorgeous, today I am going to share with you my favourite OG liner from MAC Cosmetics.


MAC Eye Kohl– The MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder is my go-to liner when I want to get really smudgy and smoky. It is the perfect consistency to smudge into the lash line and doesn’t blend away or turn grey. It is perfect on its own, as a base under eye shadows or over shadows to deepen the look. It is so versatile and has a very nice consistency.

MAC Eye Pencil– For days when I want something lighter on my eyes than a black, my favourite thing to use is Coffee Eye Pencil. It gives me the perfect amount of definition on my eyes but isn’t full glam. I love using this on the lower lash line to balance my eyes if I use black on my upper lash line. This, like the Eye Kohl, blends nicely and you get some good playtime with it. You can differentiate the two formulas by their caps (slight taper in Eye Pencil).

Both of these liners are soft enough to blend and smudge into the eye but are not super creamy that they break with little pressure. I did notice that if I’m only wearing these liners and some mascara that the liner can transfers hot and muggy days. If you are wearing them with shadows or a primer underneath this shouldn’t be a problem.

Overall I think these are the liners that I will continue to repurchase for years to come. They are not too expensive and the formula works very well. I have yet to try their prolongwear products but for now, I am happy with these two liners at the moment.


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