Currently Loving: Red Hues


Since when did having red eyes change from being sickly to stylish? Recently I’ve noticed there has been a lot more red-y tones in my everyday makeup routine. It is something I never thought I would do! Adding red around my eyes on my pale, pale skin! I would think it would make me look sick and tired but surprisingly it works!


The Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette was the reason why I began testing out more red and orange shadows in the first place. I was so surprised to see after a couple of weeks with the palette that I’ve used and touched every single shadow. All the neutrals, the shimmery, the brights! Every. Single. Shadow! Venetian Red and Love Letter have become staples for my everyday eye. Just a touch of this in the crease is perfect!

I loved this palette so much that I decided to pick up another red shadow from MAC called Red Brick. This is a really nice matte orange-red that I thought would be a nice addition to my Mac Pro palette. I really enjoy the texture of this shadow, even though it is slightly harder than Anastasia I find it blends really well and doesn’t look muddy like many shadows tend to do.

With these shadows I’ve enjoyed using natural brushes to blend and apply versus synthetic ones. I find they blend easier and do not apply too much product. The Morphe 445 has been the perfect companion for this red crease trend as it is long and slender but also tapered so it fits well in the crease depositing the perfect amount of product where you want it.

What do you guys think of this trend? What are your favourite colour palettes to use at the moment?

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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