Maybelline The Loaded Bolds Swatches


The Maybelline Bolds have FINALLY landed in Canada. Even though we have a limited shade range compared to our neighbours in the US I was ecstatic to find they released the two shades I was hoping to come over the border. Lipstick lovers UNITE!

The ColorSensational Loaded Bolds released around 12 shades couple of weeks ago in Canada. This line has some really pretty reds, berries and wines but I went to the opposite side of the spectrum and picked up a grey-brown and a deep blue!


Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue is exactly what it sounds like! A dark blue almost-black lipstick that isn’t completely matte but not super shiny at the same time. I will have a video review/first impressions on this lipstick going up ASAP so stay tuned! I will say now however that I have been getting quite a few compliments when I wear this lipstick. There were a few weird stares as it isn’t necessarily a conventional shade but who cares! Blue lipstick is totally growing on me. It definitely isn’t something that I would wear everyday but I have yet to have a a shade like this in my collection so this is my first, hopefully of many! I was hoping on finding Sapphire Siren in the Canadian lineup which is a brighter blue but sadly Midnight is the only blue available.

Gone Greige

I always wanted to try Stone lip liner/lipstick from Mac but I was always hesitant in going too grey because I am very fair and don’t want to look too sick or gaunt. I usually avoid anything that will make me look sick or washed out but I picked up Gone Greige to try before jumping for Stone. This could be my favourite shade from this line. It is so creamy and soft but lasts incredibly long on my lips even through food and drinks! I think this shade is the perfect beige/grey/brown mix that surprisingly still can look very natural yet isn’t a light pink or red.

I am very surprised about the pigmentation and creaminess of these products. I expected these to wear off after food or be very drying but Gone Greige stayed comfortably on my lips from 9am to 7pm with no major signs of feathering or movement! The Loaded Bolds line up also has a black lipstick that was intriguing but did look a little patchy when swatched. As of now I am happy that I stuck with these two shades. Are there any other colours you recommend me picking up? If so, leave them in the comments and I will hunt them out in store!

What are your fave shades from the lineup?

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