Maison Margiela Discovery Set Of My Dreams


A couple of weeks ago I wrote this post. It was about me ogling over the perfection that are the Maison Margiela perfumes. Not even a week later I picked up this gorgeous set with THREE amazing fragrances. Let’s take a look inside.


Inside this beautifully designed box are three ­0.34 oz. perfumes in the scents Beach Walk, Lazy Sunday Morning and Tea Escape. In my previous post, I was so in love with the faint coconut scent of Beach Walk that I used up the whole sample spray in less than a week. I was elated to find this in the travel section of my Sephora as this set is currently unavailable online (The mens Discovery Set however is still available)!

Lazy Sunday Morning was the second most frequent scent that I put on when in the perfume section of Sephora. It is Again, Lazy Sunday Morning is a ditzy candy scent but instead it is warm and slightly musky. This may sound weird but it smells clean like laundry but even better.

The last scent, Tea Escape is slightly more citrusy. It reminds me of my grandmother but in the best way possible –she always smelled like tea and jasmine and flowers. On the Sephora website it says it combines cutrus, green tea, jasmine and… crisped rice? Odd but I think I get it. This scent wouldn’t be the same without it.

I am so happy that I got to try my top 3 scents that I was thinking of picking up. I am also delighted that these tubes are indeed sprays with lids on them and not rollerballs. They seem so much more luxurious that way. I might still purchase the mens Discovery Set in the fall if it still available to try but I think this set is perfect for the summer.


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