Work Out Wear: Where Works?


Workout wear has taken the world by storm and this sport lux trend is just the beginning. From Zara to Beyoncé’s Ivy Park some of the best brands for gym wear are as follows!

Forever 21

Starting at the low end and cheapest side of the spectrum, Forever 21 has some really nice choices for a tight budget. They have a variety of styles that are perfect if you do not want to invest or are just getting into the fitness game. My favourite section from them is the sports bras. Not only are they really cute but you can choose the styles based on your exercise of choice, high or low impact.



H&M has some great pieces that are in at the moment. For some reason H&M always does so well. They are always underestimated but the quality and integrity of their designs are done so well that they are both fashionable and affordable. In my eyes H&M can do no wrong. Home, fashion and now gym wear, it all works.



Zara recently came out with a few new lines (Ungendered) including a gym wear. They feature neon yellow windbreakers and bodysuits for just the right price. They also have a swim collection with accessories like waterbottles, and bags. This could be your one stop shop if you are an aspiring yogi! Fanny pack anyone?



I did a post already on my must haves from IVY PARK and honestly it is one of the coolest lines of gym wear I have every seen. Body suits, sweatshirts, hoodies and leggings all with the stamp of approval by Queen B herself.


If you are a fitness guru and want to invest more in your kit then Sweaty Betty might be for you. I’ve known this brand from their awesome legging designs. No more boring plain black capris. Once you check out this site you will never be able to go back. They have so many styles to choose from that you will find one that you love.

Am I ready for a full lifestyle change? Probably not because I will always be a lazy bum but, I can appreciate gym wear and the self discipline it takes to live a full healthy lifestyle. Now that I am out of school maybe my health will improve and you never know, maybe I will try a yoga routine every now and again.

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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