Makeup Cocktails: Fleeky Brows


My favourite makeup combinations and cocktails that actually work! BROW EDITION!

It is so hard to find all the qualities you want in ONE single beauty product. Sometimes it is virtually impossible to combine the preferred finish, in the preferred shade, in the preferred packaging, in the preferred price range. This is why I highly recommend creating makeup cocktails.

One of my favourite cocktails is one I recently discovered recently and it is for brows! I have long brow hairs but they are very sparse so there is a lot of small gaps that I would like to fill in. I try and keep them groomed and trimmed so my brow time is kept at a minimum.

For this makeup cocktail, I enjoy using a pencil and a brow gel. I like using the pencil first to fill in the gaps in my brows with thin shirt lines. Then, by using a tinted brow gel WITH FIBERS I add more texture to beef them up.

I alternate between the blogger favourite, the Anastasia Brow Wiz (in Ebony) and the affordable NYX Micro Brow. Any of these pencils work for me, I determine which one I use depending on my hair (wavy/straight, my hair looks darker when it is straight) and eye makeup I am feeling that day. It is either that or whatever pencil touches my hard first in my makeup bag.

My favourite brow gel that is crucial to this cocktail is the Benefit Gimme Brow (I use Medium/Deep). The reason why I love this so much is because it has fibers in it which means that it will give you more brow hairs or rather makes it look like you do! Sometimes when I use just a pencil you can see the strokes I’ve drawn on under my hairs so I like using this gel to bring back the texture so they are not flat. This gel also doesn’t make my brows crunchy but gives me a tint of colour that lasts.

What are some of your favourite makeup cocktails? I will be doing more of these posts as I find them!


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