A Lipstick You Can Eat! Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche


Rumor has it that these lipsticks are SO natural you can take a BITE out of them!

This takes natural makeup to a different level. Everyone has been hyping up this lipstick but how GOOD is it?

I’ve been using the Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick for a couple of weeks now and here are my thoughts.

Creamy Dream

This lipstick feels really nice when it is applied. It is like you have nothing on your lips but you do! It glides on nicely but I wouldn’t say it is the creamiest I’ve ever tried. I can compare the texture to Mac lipsticks but it is slightly softer and creamier.

My Chai

The shade that I picked up is Chai. I think the colour pay off is good considering how creamy it is. It is quite pigmented as you can see in other shades like Kimchi, Spritzer and Black Truffle.

Lasting Power?

The finish of this lipstick is not very long lasting as expected with a creamy formula. If you want this to stay on I would suggest wearing it with a lip liner because it will just wipe off.

Final Thoughts

Some things I really like about this product is that it smells amazing and is made out of edible oils that is then mixed into the pigment. This could be the closest thing to edible lipstick! Not that I would make a snack out of my lippies but if I was stranded on a desert island and had nothing else!? I just might! This product is also very moisturising to the point where I would put this on before applying makeup to ‘hydrate’ my lips when I am in a stitch.

The packaging is also a great touch and very sleek with the matte grey. I would love to try other shades!

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2 thoughts on “A Lipstick You Can Eat! Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche

  1. stashy

    I’m definitely going to pick up one of these! I played with them over the weekend and I think I’ll pick up the shade Sake – a plummy nude. This colour looks really lovely too… I will have to test it too!

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