When It All Calms Down


Why it is important to take time for yourself.

Another semester has gone and went and I am still sitting here thinking how did 4 months go by so quickly. I am so relieved to have all of my projects and exams done and complete I am ready for a full four months of blogging and content creating.

After tremendous amounts of stress and multiple mental breakdowns over the past couple of weeks I’ve realised the importance of taking time off and regrouping yourself.

Breaks Are Good

I am sure many of you know this already but breaks are really good. But you need to be careful about them as well. Don’t spoil yourself with them. Breathe.

When you are working, work

When you need to work, work. When it is time to rest, rest. Seems simple but I find it so difficult to stay true to. I always seem to be worrying about what I need to do next that I never let my body relax and regroup itself. Distractions are inevitable but you can learn how to minimise them


It is so important to treat yourself after some long hard work. It not only lets you relax your body and mind but it will get you ready for the next run.

I know exams are coming up quickly for a lot of you so I really hope this helps you get on track. You are almost there guys! Summer is right around the corner!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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