Shop Your Beauty Stash


This whole month I’ve been featuring a ton of new products and brands that are incredibly affordable but one of the best things to get the most of your makeup is to shop your own stash!

Shopping your stash is simple! Look back through your already existing makeup collection or even a sibling or friend (with their permission of course) and rediscover old favourites! It is that simple! I’ve rediscovered so many of my products this month and intergraded them into my daily routine once again. Some of these things I’ve found I barely even used! Who would have thought?!

I found some Benefit products I’ve pushed aside, eyeshadow palettes and cream pots too! I even brought out my beloved Nars Sheer Glow back! I loved this stuff and it completely fell off my radar. SO glad that it is back.

Now although these are not all drugstore or affordable products I think the value of a product is in how often you use it. I’ve purchased drugstore products for amazing deals but never wore them. Is that still a win for my wallet? I think not. What do you guys think?

No money March is coming to an end but I hoped you enjoy the series! There will be a quick roundup and it will be on to more exciting adventures!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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