3 Ways to Wear: Gold Makeup


Would you pull off gold liner? Care to try? Here are 3 ways to add gold into your current makeup routine.


For my gold looks I like using my H&M Beauty Color Essence Eye Pencil in Come In Third.

Wings and cat flicks are standard liner tricks but using gold gives it a little something unexpected. An added bonus is that no one will notice if they are crooked or not!

The lower lash line is the next safest bet. Try a warm eye look and finish with gold liner right before you apply bottom mascara. Or give gold inner corner highlight a try! It is subtle from far but up close you are so glam!

What about some crease action? Do something no one expects that only exists between blinks! This one has to be a favourite of mine

Hope you get some inspiration and if you give it a go send them my way on social media and spread the love!

The images in this post are not my own. All credit goes to the owners and photographers!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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