Multi Use Products

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Who said you can only do what it says on the tin? Here are 4 ways to use your favourite products in multiple ways!

Lip Products

Lips are one of my favourite things about doing my makeup. I have way too many lippies to keep track of but I want to make sure they are being put to good use! You can use clear gloss on your eyelids to get the Glossy Lid Look! Lipstick can be a good cream blush or highlighter! And if you are feeling adventurous use a liquid lipstick as an eyeshadow can be fabulous!


I always try and have multiple foundations in various shades to mix and find my perfect shade at that time. Many of you (especially if you fake tan) have a variety of shades already. If you have shades that are lighter or darker than your natural skin tone you can use them as concealer or contour. It is one way to make sure they blend seamlessly into the skin and are as natural as possible!


Everyone loves eye shadow. I have an overwhelming amount drugstore and high end. But you can extend shadows from the eyelid to the cheeks as well. You can use them as highlighters, liners and if you have the right matte shade you can put them in your brows!


Like shadows these can be used practically all over the face. A blush can be a good eyeshadow or contour! It all depends on your preferred finish!

There are plenty more ways to use the simplest products that I will be showing you in upcoming makeup tutorials so keep watching this space!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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