3 Ways to Use NYX Blush In Taupe


Can you tell how much I love this stuff by the sheer number of posts I’ve written about it? 3 ways to use NYX HD blush in Taupe!

There are so many ways to use this product and the first is what it says on the packaging. This is a really nice brown/grey blush that gives a sepia effect to the skin. I also love using it as a contour because it is grey enough to look like a shadow on my skin.

This blush isn’t just for your face you can even use it as eye shadow! Just like it gives a natural shadow to my cheekbone, it works the same with my crease! Soft and gentle but a game changer.

Now if you want to take this even further you could essentially use this as an eyebrow powder. It is completely matte and will work for many natural hair colours, just deal with a brow gel!

Hope you enjoy 1 product 3 ways! I really like finding multiple uses for one item. If you like them I will also start doing some fashion editions as well! Happy Friday!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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