Yes, you read that correctly! Affordable. VEGAN. Brushes. And look at how cute they look!

I’ve been on the hunt for good quality affordable brushes for a very long time. I still love the Real Techniques brushes to death and am still lusting over their Bold Metals line but these brushes recently caught my eye and are GORGEOUS! Not to mention VEGAN!

I am not a vegan but I am becoming very conscious of what I am putting into my body now. Being a lover of makeup it is difficult to find these types of products that are readily available. But Wet n Wild Beauty is making that possible!

vegan brushes1

These pretty pink tipped brushes are indeed from Wet n Wild and cost around $0.99-2.99! I’ve used products from the brand before and I am desperate to try out some of their brushes. I will be looking high and low for these vegan brushes in Canada. If you find them on the shelves give me a tweet with where you got them from! *grabby hands* What do you guys think of these brushes?

Photo cred. Jeffree Star Snapchat

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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