Drugstore Contour: The NYX Wonder Stick


Could this really be the contour that changes the way we see drugstore makeup? This is the NYX Wonder Stick.


Drugstore products get a bad wrap because people tend to think that “affordable” means “sh*t quality”. I normally stray from contours and bronzers from the drugstore because from past experience they tend to be too orangey for my pale, sun deprived skin. I was actually searching for a darker foundation to use as a contour stick but the NYX Wonder Stick was something that really intrigued me.

I love the idea of a cream contour product in stick form and this blends really well into the skin. It looks very skin-like and because it isn’t orangey it takes the affect of a natural shadow.

This stick really buildable and also comes with a highlighter/concealer on the other end. Both ends are completely matte! I am really surprised at the creamy texture of this product. It goes on smoothly but it doesn’t apply too much product on the skin.

This stick is perfect for my skin tone and also comes in Medium, Dark and Universal. When this stick runs out I will be going back to NYX to pick up some more. I am so impressed with all the things I’ve tried from them.

What do you guys think of NYX and the Wonder Stick? Budget contour: CHECK!


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