H&M Beauty Haul


H&M does beauty and it is freaking amazing.

Whilst browsing the shops after a long day of classes and stumbled into the beauty section of H&M. And man was I surprised at how great everything was. I think I swatched every single one of makeup items at least once and I am not ashamed to say it. I am proud to say I restrained myself and only picked up 4 products!

hmbeauty6 hmbeauty7I picked up two of their High Impact Eye Colours which are really soft and surprisingly pigmented! I have the shade Ginger Snap which is an orangey/golden colour and Woodwork, a soft cool toned brown. They both have some shimmer in them and come in an amazing gold and cream compact.

I was then intrigued by this green cream shadow that comes in stick form and immediately fell in love. It is their Eye Colour To Go in the shade Treasure Hunt. What I found interesting is that the base colour is green but it has gold shimmer to it and transforms it into something like a chameleon shadow.

The last item was a no brainer because my mouth dropped as soon as I swatched it. Their Colour Essence Eye Pencils are so creamy that you barely need to put any pressure on it. I purchased it in the shade Come In Third which is a bronze/gold colour that I’ve been loving wearing. I am really impressed by the staying power on this and the shadow stick even though they are not waterproof. From the couple times I have tried them it stays on all day! Yay!

I hope you enjoyed this haul and there will be a full review coming soon! I will also be using these in a tutorial ASAP!

hmbeauty4hmbeauty3  hmbeauty1hmbeauty2

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