TopMAN Wishlist



This is for the man in your life. They need some style too!

I do a lot of wishlists and fashion posts geared towards the women of the world but, what about the men?! They can love clothing too! Topman is a great place to start for some basic pieces with a fresh twist. Here are some picks for the trendy guy in your life!


Top Row:  Mens Yellow LTD Camel Big Pocket Shirt / White Faux Leather Trainers With Contrast Heel / Mens Brown STONE LONG LINE T-SHIRT

Bottom Row: Rust High Crown Puritan Hat / Selected Homme Beige Roll Neck / Ltd Roadtrip Suede Harrington Jacket

Topman is such a great place for basics like a good solid shirt and button up. Pops of colour in green, tan and rusted orange add personality while still staying casual and clean. These can act as gifts or just a treat for the boy you love. I hope this helps the men in your life stay stylish! 

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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