Topshop Wishlist 2016

Topshop wishlist

When all else fails, do some online shopping.

I do a lot of online browsing and shopping so it is only a matter or time before my Topshop Wishlist came out. Here are some of my favourite things right now.

You always need a good pair of jeans and Topshop make my favourite! To get out of my comfort zone I wanted to switch up some accessories like my boots. This pair is stunning and will be the first set of boots that are not standard black! What?! This duffel has a elegant twist with the metal circle. It is fresh and new and can work well with any outfit. A fake fur pom is where it is at. Clip on to any purse and you have instant cool factor. As if the pom wasn’t cool enough you need to have an amazing jacket to go with it. This aviator style looks effortless and cool in black or nude suede.

Moto Jamie Jean//Mega Buckle Boots//Premium Ring Leather Duffel//Medium Bag Pom//Sloane Aviator Jacket

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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