The Prefect Autumn Palette (Pretty Things Part 2)


Well this is what you were waiting for right? Feast your eyes on the perfect palette, Autumn edition!


You know when you swatch eyeshadows and you have to physically clamp your mouth shut from before your drool everywhere because they are so soft and pigmented and lovely? Well, that happen to me (multiple times) with this palette. Did Kat Von D create my most perfect palette? The answer is yes, and its name is Monarch.

I do love a matte palette but that can get a little boring sometimes and this palette is far from boring. Lets start with some swatches shall we?

Wrath (aka. everything I every wanted in an eyeshadow) is a warm shimmery orange colour that speaks to my soul. I love a little bit of this in my crease especially in the autumn. It gives me a kickass vibe that I can’t get enough of.
Summerfly is a gold that I will get a lot of use out of this holiday season. I love a bit of this in my inner corner of my eye or even dabbed in the center of my eyelid. Definitely drool worthy
Killing Jar isn’t what you think it is. It is actually a beautiful soft pink that can be worn on its own on an easy day or vamped up with a touch of Papilo.

All of the shades in this palette are gorgeous and incredibly wearable for everyday with a little bit of an edge. You get some amazing, creamy shimmers and some soft mattes for the perfect eye look. Expect a lot more from this palette in the near future.

Stay tuned on Sunday for an autumn look!


*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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