Tips on Being Productive (When the Whole World Decides Otherwise)


So a lot of stuff is happening and frankly I am tired. Really. Tired. But it won’t stop me doing the things that I love. A.K.A Writing, blogging and listening to One Direction on repeat.

Lately, I been trying to be as productive as possible and it has been difficult. Netfix is a few clicks away and my bed feels so cosy *crys * But I will stay strong and plow through the load of homework sitting on my desk right now and get sh*it done! Here are 5 things that are keeping be productive af!

Pretty Pens

Sounds basic right? But this genuinely helps me so much! When it comes to revision time I like to break out my trusty pink pen and write. On EVERYTHING. When I have lecture notes or PowerPoint notes I find them difficult to read and digest and nothing really pops out to me (I am not going to print out my notes in colour, that is ridiculous). I just jot in the margins the main ideas and concepts so they are easy to find the next time around and while doing it actually sinks into my brain! Its MAGIC!

Candles not candies

Yes, candles make me productive you got a problem with that? Let me explain. When I use a candle I am usually cuddled in bed during the wintertime happy as can be. So now when I an doing projects I like lighting a candle to relax me and remind me we are so close to winter break. And when you are stressed out you can stare into the flame and watch your troubles burn away. Candles have a way of relaxing me.

Power Naps please

I never used to power nap but they have come in handy when deadlines are getting close. Simple work as hard as you possible can and when you are tired set a timer for 15 minutes, lie down and close your eyes. If you sleep, you sleep, if you don’t you don’t. But the important thing is to relax your body and breathe. You would be surprised how well this has worked for me.

Music Makes Everyone Happy

This next one may not work for you if you actually need to be memorizing things or writing up an essay but like the candles it really helps to relax me. I do a lot of drawing so I can sing along to medleys and my favourite choruses. Thank you One Direction, AM has been a real pick me up.

Digital Detox

This could be the most difficult thing you have every tired but I promise you it will work. At 8, 9 or 10 at night turn off all of your electronics, keep them a safe distance away. Take this time to review your work and read though lectures again (of course you would have to print out everything before hand). This means no distractions and you get a peaceful nights sleep. Twitter will be fine until morning, everything will still be there. Breathe.

So I hoped you liked this list of things. All of these things help me stay on track even though I crack every now and again. As the school year comes to a close I think a lot of people could use a little pick me up. Remember to push through because it will all be worth it in the end! Stay safe guys! Love you all!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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2 thoughts on “Tips on Being Productive (When the Whole World Decides Otherwise)

  1. Lindsey Elyse

    These are great tips! After a long morning lecture, I love to come home and just lay down for 20 minutes. I set an alarm just in case, but it’s generally just good to have som ‘me-time’ before beginning homework etc.
    I fully agree with the pens, and candles! Having nice stationary makes you WANT to do work, and having a calming scent/ flickering flame helps the atmosphere.

    I would definitely add a fresh cup of tea to this mix as well 🙂
    Awesome post!

    • ariebea

      I am so glad you liked it! How could I forget tea?! I always have it sitting next to me when I work! I think am in need of a power nap right now haha

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