Playtime with Polyvore


I am not sure if you have heard of this website before but you should. It is incredible.



A couple of years ago I wanted to shop but did I have money? Not a penny. But did that stop me from browsing the web for the best finds? Not a chance! And Polyvore helped me do this! I recently went back on and fell in love once again. You can literally put together any outfit possible no matter the price! This site has helped me loads when it comes to buying new outfits.


-Do I really need this sweater? 
           -Will it go with other stuff in my wardrobe? 
                      -How many outfits can I create with it?

Sounds really helpful right? It also helps me create mood boards for what I am feeling –which at the moment is university/comfy/chic. Check out my profile and give it a follow! I will be posting more regularly on there now and you get to see what I am pining for as I post!


Catch you on the flip side guys! Get styling!

Untitled #171

*not sponsored for saying this. I am not affiliated with the website in any way although I wish I was!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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