My New Autumn Almond Talons -Er… I mean nails


When Autumn rolls around it it only a matter of time before I reinvent my style for the changing season. This time, it was my nails that has gotten the revamp!

talons1 talons2

I used to love my nails. I would get asked if they were ‘real’ quite a bit (sort of a backhanded compliment if I do say so myself) but this autumn I felt like a little change was in order. Almond nails always intrigued me and when Adele’s Hello music video came out I was reminded how glam it looked. And let’s be honest, I wanted to be a bit more like the Brit singer *Kanye shrug*

After I unintentionally poked and scratched myself in the face multiple times and got used to my new sharp accessory I thought what badass colour should I paint them? Essie’s Smokin’ Hot was the answer. Not too grey/black and not too purple, I think this polish gives a great autumnal edge and gives my classic red shades a break.

What do you guys think? Like them? Hate them?


*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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