Hey Lolita Hey!


Kat Von D’s Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are a staple. So naturally I picked up Lolita after hearing rave reviews. Little did I know Lolita has a twin sister!

heylolitahey4 heylolitahey3

So I heard from the grape vine that the Lolita that I’ve loved for so long wasn’t who I thought it was in the beginning. When it first came out Lolita was said to be a different shade and was since reformulated and put back on the market under the same name. Well, people complained and Lolita II was born!

These liquid lipsticks are so easy to carry around and give such a good colour pay off. And both of these shades are absolutely gorgeous and versatile. I find Lolita to be similar to Mac Whirl lip liner and Lolita II to be an alternative to Mac Boldly Bare. I used to say Lolita was my favourite nude brown lip for the fall but Lolita II has an orange hue to it that I am loving at the moment.

Of course both are matte and incredible long lasting. And these duos are perfect hand bag sizes! Kat can do no wrong!

What Kat Von D colours are you drawn too?


*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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