Touching Base: A Guide to L’Oreal Foundations


I’ve tried more than my fair share of foundations. And it seems that the majority of my collection are from L’Oreal. Lets touch base with some of these bases?

The foundation that I’ve gotten to know for quite some time is the original L’Oreal True Match foundation. Since it came out I had my eye on it and I am so glad I picked it up. I think this foundation is really good for all year round for all skin types (if you have really oily skin I recommend a tiny bit of powder throughout the day). I’ve never had anything look so natural. This is one of those foundations that looks better as the day goes on. So if you think you look good now, give it a couple of hours and see for yourself!

True Match Lumi is my foundation of choice at the moment. Because winter is rolling around my skin has been looking quite dull but this makes it a quick fix. I feel that this foundation really locks in moisture and makes your skin glowy and healthy looking. I wouldn’t recommend for oily skin but if you have normal to combination it will look gorg. I still keep a powder in my bag just in case! If you use this with a beauty blender or sponge it looks flawless!

Looking for a more matte finish? The L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte foundation could be for you. This is a slightly thicker consistency than the other two here but as a result has a heavier coverage. Blend with a beauty blender/wet sponge for the best, even application. I like using this mixed with one of the above products when I don’t want too much glow. I purchased this in the lightest shade so I can apply it underneath my eyes to brighten things up! And because it is matte I don’t get raccoon eyes  when my mascara decides it had enough! It works like a charm and doesn’t settle in my laugh lines.

I hope you liked this breakdown of some of the L’Oreal foundations. This is a follow up of a post I out up in the beginning of the year!? So checkout my Concealer Confliction as well! What are your top drugstore picks?


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