Mustard and Motopony


I am getting into the thick of school right now, projects and reading and such, but I thought a little life update/current favourites are in order. Have a look at this weeks loves, Mustard and Motopony.


In the fall I always head straight for my favourite colours: maroon, mustard and military green. Mustard is on my lust list 24/7 now. Everything mustard must come home with me no matter what. My current love is an old favourite from Zara. A cropped, round neck thin knit sweater and oh, is it pretty. If I could wear this everyday I would. Jeans, slacks, shorts, you name it, I wore it with this sweater. Such a staple.
So my music taste includes a lot of melancholy, acoustic indie music but it is what I’ve been listening to a lot recently. Motopony is a new band that I recently started following on Spotify but I first heard the song Wait For Me years ago while watching a Dylan O’Brien fetus movie, The First Time. This song is about two lovers waiting to find each other. The lovers know the other exist but have yet to meet. Sweet and simple.

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak into what I’ve been loving this week. What are your mid-week faves?

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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5 thoughts on “Mustard and Motopony

  1. rosyvogue

    I love the mustard yellow Zara top. I wanted to buy a similar one a few weeks ago but they didn’t have my size. My mid-week faves is a pair of fuzzy socks that I got today, which I think it’s perfect for the fall time hehe

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