Making My Own LUSH Bathbomb??

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Last weekend I went down to Lush for the Grand Reopening of their Toronto location. Let’s have a recap shall we?

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I recently expressed my love for this shop in my last LUSH haul and that love has yet to subside. For the reopening of LUSH Toronto the first 100 people in line received a free gift! How nice of them?! I was so chuffed at my choice of their Comforter hand and body lotion. It was the first time I seen this product in store before and I knew the Comforter scent is a fan favourite. I even had a little chat with a lovely woman working at Kate Spade where we gushed over the beautifully scented gift (she is also a LUSH fanatic). I love sparking up conversations with strangers over common interests!

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A little while later LUSH had a Bath Bomb making session and HELLO? I couldn’t contain my excitement. A lovely gentleman helped me make the Lord of Misrule bath bomb and I had such a good time. I would love to press bath bombs all day long. It was so simple and screamed HOMEMADE to me. Such a nice touch LUSH.

Did I mention they already have some of their Halloween stuff out already? In the middle of the shop they had a massive jelly bat to promote a new shower jelly. And here’s the best bit- you smack right in the middle of the bat and IT FLYS! Alright, maybe not FLY but it moves its wings like an actual bat! ADORABLE! I think I might need that!

I am so excited to give these products a proper go. This little trip also inspired me to do a holiday haul soon. That sparkly pumpkin must be mine! What is your favourite LUSH holiday item?

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*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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