A Look Into Life- A Life Update


Hello people of the Internet. You may or may not have noticed my absence for the past week. Here is a little life update.

This past week has been hectic. I thought I could handle a very busy week, making blog posts, trips, doing homework, studying for tests and trying to film a vlog at the same time. Unfortunately, all of that didn’t happen. Last week almost killed me but I am resting up and planning to get back on my feet asap.

Posts should be coming as per usual with a video on Sundays. Sadly, the whole vlogging thing didn’t turn out well. I might save some of my footage for something else at a later date so fear not. Studying, designing, filming and writing has turned out to be very difficult but that will not stop me from making content. I am trying to find a schedule to stick to and I am hoping I can continue and improve the content I am putting out.

Just thought I would pop in to do an update. Wednesday post will be about a Lush event I had the chance to see a couple of days ago. Stay tuned for more cool stuff!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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