A Little Bit From Lush


I’ve tried bath bombs; I’ve tried fresh scrubs. I’ve tried shower jellies and maybe a soap or two. I thought I would venture out and broaden my Lush horizons a little bit. Because, hey, a little bit of Lush never hurt anyone.


This might be the smallest haul ever but these goodies need some attention.


The Self Preserving Ocean Salt Scrub is (excuse me poor word choice here) hella expensive but worth the money by scent alone. I cannot help but stick my face in the pot every chance I get. The scrub is such a luxury, the sales associate warned me I would get hooked! If all goes well, you will be seeing a lot more of this asap.

The last item I have is a shampoo, territory new to me from Lush. I’ve recently ombred my hair and heard that purple shampoo helps get rid of the brassy/orange colour in blondes (natural or otherwise). Lush’s Daddy-O is definitely a purple shampoo. I’ve tried this a couple of times already and it really does make a difference to my hair. I get added volume, texture and refreshed blonde hair! Who would have thought?

What goodies have you purchased from Lush recently? Any holy grail items that I need to hunt down?


*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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