Amethyst or Misty Rock


Not too long ago I was hell bent on purchasing some of the BY TERRY Ombre Blackstar eye shadow sticks. I had Misty Rock in my cart and I was ready to throw all my money away on shipping to get it. A quick snoop into my old makeup bag however made me realize I already owned an EXACT dupe and I LOVE IT.

amethystmisty4 amethystmisty3

If you watched my AUTUMN MAKEUP video you would already know what I am talking about and it is the Laura Mercier Eye Caviar Sticks, specifically in the shade Amethyst. I purchased this shade in a mini set with 3 other shades during the holidays and man am I happy about it. I probably purchased the set of 4 for $30CAD whereas Misty Rock is $45+CAD full sized. Because these are cream shadows I know I can use them for an extended period of time. I’ve barely made a dent in my Amethyst and I’ve had it for how many months now?

Shade-wise, it is exact! I think the only difference is that Misty Rock has a slightly pinker undertone in the light. They both are a muted, shimmery purple/mauve shade that is so gorgeous on any eye colour. Wear it as a base or on its own. I do both regularly.

I really hope another mini set will come out during the holidays this year. Misty Rock has been difficult to track down in Canada so I hope this helped some of you!


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