NEW IN: H&M Beauty Department Hits Toronto!


H&M is a brand that always pushes their boundaries and the next logical step is to release a Beauty Department! Yes, you read that correctly and it is open NOW!

The brand has taken it up a notch with 700 new products that include nail polish, eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, blushes etc. The ranges include a premium line and a Conscious range that is sustainable and ecofriendly to coincide with their clothing range. And did I mention they are ALL beautifully packaged? Well now, I think I need all of them.

To celebrate the launch there will be an H&M Beauty Bar in the Toronto Eaton Center on the second level near Queen Street. So get yourself down there for instant beauty gifts, free touch ups and tips. This event only goes on from September 17-20 so get there now! Not convinced yet? Well then here are some images that are bound to change your mind!

9205_PR_08_sRGB_72 9205_PR_07_sRGB_72 9205_PR_06_sRGB_72 9205_PR_05_sRGB_72

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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