The Chloe Bag That I Need In MY Life

cholebag 2

I am usually one to only splurge on makeup or fashion essentials but when I saw this little guy I realized that it might be time to break the rules a little. Check out this pretty little thang!

So, while scrolling through my Tumblr ( and I do have a damn good Tumblr, if I do say so myself) I found this beautiful wonder. The Chole Faye Shoulder Bag could be the most perfect bag I have ever seen. I have a special place in my heart for this bag in the colour Motty Grey and Classic Tobacco. *swoons

There is something about the contrast between the suede and leather that makes this bag look so chic and luxurious. The lines are simple and sophisticated and are complimented by the rounded ring pendant closure.

I don’t know if I could spend that much money on a handbag right now as school is starting but you bet I will be hinting for an affordable option. What do you guys think? Would you splurge on something like this? If so, what would you splurge on?


*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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