An At Home Day Spa with NSPA


I don’t know about you, but I REALLY don’t want to go back to school. So to keep my mind off of the end of a productive summer I decided to give myself a little spa day at home. I was kindly sent some products from a brand called NSPA (available at Walmart locations) and I thought this would provide the perfect kind of distraction.

For a spa day I generally start with a bath (or in this case, a shower), which is where I used the first NSPA product, the Fruit Extracts Coconut Shower Gel. I normally gravitate to ‘squeaky-clean’ smelling shower gels but this is such a refreshing treat. I can’t believe I haven’t tried anything with coconut in it before! This product is surprisingly moisturizing and I still feel extra clean. The scent stays just until you put on a body lotion, which is perfect for my tastes!

The NSPA products are all numbered so it is easy to keep them in order. The Melting Cleansing Gel is a step 1. The scent of this product is strong and I am not sure if I am used to it but if they come out with a different scent then I will be all over it! It is gentle and it emulsifies nicely on the skin but neroli is not something I would go for.

I love hot cloth cleansers, I find them both relaxing and refreshing. I had to have their Hot Cloth Polish no matter what. This one was a lot nicer to my nose too (the coco butter helps, I think). It went to smoothly and it does come with a muslin cloth –BONUS! This is something I would put into my pamper night without a second thought!

The Replenishing Moisture Mask is step three and again smells strongly or neroli. This did leave my skin smooth and silky but not squeaky clean. If you have really dehydrated skin then this would be great for you. You skin will suck up all the essential oils and love it!

The Night Repair Cream is the only product that I don’t get along with. I am used to night creams being thinker then other creams but this is more like a thick gel consistency. Kinda like a hair wax, type thing –not so nice. It didn’t sink into my skin and if felt very heavy. I am better off skipping this step instead!

I am excited about the very last product however and it is the Instant Blur Primer. This product is such a good dupe for the Benefit Porefessional Primer. It is the same consistency and works nicely under my base foundation. You also get so much product in this tube as opposed to Benefit. Such a good buy!

NSPA is a really nice brand and because they are available in Walmart, you can do some back to school shopping done while you are there. I would recommend the Hot Cloth Cleansers and Shower Gels if you want to mix up your routine.

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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