The Only Single Shadow I Will Ever Need


I never thought I would ever say this but I think I found the best single eyeshadow. Ever.

If you watched my Huge High End Makeup Haul then you would have seen me talk about the Bronze Bears All kit from Sephora. Inside this kit is an Urban Decay Shadow that I am obsessed with. It is a duo shadow compact that has best-selling shadows Twice Baked and Half Baked inside of it! How am I only seeing this now?

This may be nothing to some people but for a girl on the go like me this is amazing. This can easily slip into a bag for travel or when you are running a bit late. You have a beautiful golden base in Half Baked and a soft crease shade in Twice Baked. You can even use them individually. I can make a multitude of makeup edits only using these two shadows.

I know these are available in some of the Naked palettes if you were wondering but just having them in one place is such a time saver. I know these sets are still floating around in stores so keep your eyes peeled. It is worth it even for this one shadow!


*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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