A Brown Corduroy Skirt


Some days I just want to break out a skirt. I was never one to wear skirts on a daily basis before but this one skirt in particular has changed that. This is the Brandy Melville Brya Corduroy Skirt that I am head over heels in love with.

cordskirt10 cordskirt9 cordskirt8 cordskirt2 cordskirt3 cordskirt4

Contrary to the name it is actually made out of cotton and is surprisingly comfortable. It has a lot of stretch so it can fit a wide range of sizes regardless that Brandy is notorious to having a one size fits all policy. This skirt floats out perfectly and is incredibly flattering on any figure. It can be dressed up or down, like I did today. With another white Brandy crop top, a holographic American Eagle necklace and some white Converse kicks to complete the outfit it is the perfect balance of pretty and edgy –just how I like it. A nude lip and a soft contour is perfect for this look.

What do you think? Now that I am a skirt convert I will be on the lookout for this a line cut more often because damn, it is so flattering. What would you wear with this skirt?

cordskirt13 cordskirt12 cordskirt7 cordskirt5cordskirt6

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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4 thoughts on “A Brown Corduroy Skirt

    • ariebea

      Thanks :))))) I want to do more outfit posts soon but it is so difficult to take full body pictures of yourself lmao. The things I do to get the best picture haha

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