Breaking Out The Summer Sprays


This summer I’ve found myself using quite a large number of sprays to keep cool and refreshed all while looking as fresh as ever. Today I am taking you through the summer sprays that I’ve taken a liking to this past month.

I mentioned the first spray in my All Natural, Purely Canadian: Beauty Origin Lab post not too long ago. It is a Rose Floral Water from the Canadian company called Beauty Origin Lab. Since receiving the product it has gotten extremely warmer in temperature and a little spray of this every now and again is so refreshing and calming. The rose is to help reduce stress and because I keep it in the fridge it is always cold and nice on my overheated skin.

Along the same lines of the floral water is one that I had for a while from Caudalie and it is their Beauty Elixir. This product is supposed to be part toner and part serum but I just use it when I need a good refresh on the go. This comes out more of a mist than the previous product, which is something I enjoy. The scent was slightly a bit too strong for me in the beginning but it absorbs quickly into my skin that I have gotten used to it. Perfect for when you want a refresher but don’t want to ruin your makeup. Go for the floral water after cleansing and the Caudalie when you are out and about!

I try not using heat on my hair but in the heat of summer it is hard not to. Even if I don’t use straighteners or curling tongs I like using the Bumble & Bumble Invisible Oil Primer when I get out of the shower. I want to take care of the ends of my hair especially when I have it ombred.

The last spray is also for my hair but it is more of a styling product. Like I said I don’t like using heat in my hair but I do like to add some texture. I use the Lush Sea Salt Spray to get a little wave to it with minimal damage. My hair is always pin straight so when I can get some movement, it is a good hair day.

What products are you breaking out this summer?

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