The New Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette + Tutorial [VIDEO]

UD Naked Smoky Turotial thumbnailUDSMOKY 1I am screaming. I am screaming, I am screaming. Guess what came to my door!! LOOK AT THIS GORGEOUSNESS RIGHT NOWWWW. AHHHHHH I can’t be the only one screaming right now. Lets all squeal together now, come on. Lets talk tutorial and first impressions shall we? Eeeeepppppp!

So when the Smoky palette came through my door I immediately had to film a video. My Urban Decay Naked Smoky tutorial will be at the bottom of this post. If you came from my YouTube channel and you have come for the full breakdown here is the DOWNLOW.



This beautiful thing is gorgeous. The case is semi transparent gunmetal grey plastic and the palettes’ signature smoke looks to be encased inside like a capsule. The hardware is not fully bronze (the brush) or silver (lettering) but a mixture that  is just as beautiful. It is about the same size as the other Naked palettes (taller than 1 and 2, Smoky has 90 degree corners as opposed to rounded ones of Naked 3). I am kind of ticked off that it is spelt ‘SMOKY’ and not ‘SMOKEY’ it just looks wrong to be but I get it. American vs. Canadian spelling, what can you do, right? I am worried that this isn’t as travel friendly than Naked 3. It has a magnetic closure that I am not sure I trust. I prefer the snap to a magnet anyway. A plus is the mahoosive mirror on the inside of the lid, bigger than ever before.


Usually brushes in palettes suck. And when I say suck, I mean ‘I would rather use my fingers even if I am wearing an expensive cream dress’ kind of suck. But I think this may be the best brush in a Naked palette yet. One end is a round fluffy that is great for blending in the crease and the other end is a short almost pencil brush-esque, perfect for the lower lash line. The previous brushes all look similar (both flat and multipurpose) but this one ups UD’s brush game. Also there is a great smoky/marble-y detail on the centre of it that I appreciate.



Like all full sized palettes there are 12 shadows. 8 shimmers and 4 mattes in this one. From what I can tell the first couple of times I’ve used them they are so soft and creamy. Maybe even more so than the others. With a name like Smoky, you bet they blend heavenly together. This palette is mostly cool toned (center) but the edges have a little more warmth. Since this is a smoky palette most of the shades are dark deeper shades, which means there are multiple possibilities for creating a smoky night look and not so much for soft daytime looks.

Top: Naked1 Middle: Naked 3 Bottom: Naked Smoky

Some shades I really enjoy are DIRTYSWEET, RADAR, DAGGER, BLACK MARKET and SMOLDER. I think they all are lovely shades with multiple purposes that make this palette worthwhile. Dirtysweet reminds me of a mix between Trick (Naked3 fave) and Half Baked (Naked1 fave). Dagger is similar to Gunmetal (Naked1) but brighter and cooler and Black Market is a blue toned Creep (Naked1).

The one shade that I think is unique to this palette is Smoulder. I haven’t seen a purple shade in any of the palettes and I think it really fits in to the Smoky theme. These shade are all incredibly soft and blends nicely but like all shadows if you put too much on you will end with a black blob on your face. Be extra careful with Black Market, it is the tricky one. All of these shades increase their intensity with a primer underneath so if you want a softer look, go without; the shadow will be more muted.


I think this palette is a great addition to my growing collection. I would say it is the best for nights out and if you stick to the far ends of the palette it will do alright for days. I am still trying to get fully into this palette but I know in the fall/winter this will be my go-to. I say if you are first getting into makeup and want your first high end palette go for the other Naked palettes as the have more light and medium shadows that are good for practice. You won’t get black eyes, I promise. Once you get used to the shadows then this will be your next purchase. I cannot say which palette is my favourite this very moment but know that it is tied with my beloved Naked 3.

Overall this palette gets my full approval. I think Urban Decay truly stepped up their game and I can see a Smoky 2 coming out in the future. These palettes will always be some of my favourites because of the formula and texture. Massive thumbs up! If you want to see a full comparison with the other UD palettes let me know in the comments! Watch my Urban Decay Naked Smoky Tutorial at the end of this post to see it in action! More tutorial and videos to be up a.s.a.p! Enjoy!



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