All Natural, Purely Canadian: Beauty Origin Lab


In a world where beauty means dangerous chemicals and invasive surgeries, it is good to know that there are some wholesome, all natural and organic companies on the rise- Toronto based Beauty Origin Lab being one of them. I was able to pick out some amazing products from the brand and try them out in my daily routine here is what I think about them.

The Lavender Face Cleanser with Shea Butter was the thing I was most excited for. I’ve heard of the distressing effects from Lavender products and I finally got to try them myself. This cleanser is really soft, milky and surprisingly gentle. It don’t foam like a traditional cleanser but that just reminds me of all the natural ingredients because like shampoo, the more bubbles the more chemicals. I love using this when I want a mild cleanser, something that isn’t too abrasive or a scrub. It gets a thumbs up from me!

After a good cleanse I like to use the Citrus Face Oil with Vitamin E as a follow up. This product also have a de-stress effect but it also claims to smooth your skin and keep it tight and firm. I am not too sure about the tightening and firming just yet but my skin has definitely been improving the past couple of weeks. There is something about citrus that makes me feel a lot more alive.

I’ve never tried floral waters before and I always wondered what the fuss was all about. As the days are getting hotter I am finding myself reaching for this Rose Floral Water all the time. A little spritz of this on my face and neck and I feel so refreshed and calm. Rose oil is said to boost confidence and relax anxiety and it doesn’t hurt that it smells amazing. And another thing I like is all of their products have expiry dates on them! You might be confused as to why I am saying that but hear me out! When products have a life long shelf life they tend to be full of nasty chemicals. With expiry dates you know exactly when to use them by. It will tell you how fresh the product is! Isn’t that amazing?

The last product was the underdog of the bunch. It was something that I wasn’t too excited about bit it quickly became my favourite. It is simply the Strawberry Natural Lip Balm. Sounds boring right? Let me tell you this is the most moisturizing lipbalm I have every tried. It is smooth and silky going on and stays on for hours. My lips feel incredibly soft. Softer than with any other product I’ve tried. It is crazy how such a simple product can be this good. I highly recommend!

Beauty Origin Lab has amazing products that are all natural and work wonders. They are going to be a brand that I would highly recommend to people who are interested in pure, natural, clean products. Find more of their products on their website along with their ingredient lists and benefits.  I tip my hat off to you B.O.L.


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