An Unboxing: My First Topbox


Woop woop! I finally got my hands on my very first Topbox! What better way to celebrate CANADA DAY but with  an unboxing! In case you don’t know what Topbox is it is a Canadian beauty subscription service where every month you get a parcel sent to your house with some awesome goodies for a great price. Want an invitation? Shoot me a quick message through email or on my social media. Want to see what I got? I think so! Keep reading!!!!

The first two things I received are from Aveda, a brand that I have always seen around but never tried before. Apparently these two products are for thin hair so I won’t get much benefit out of them but they do look really nice. One is an exfoliating shampoo and the other a thickening conditioner. I do want some more body in my hair but I am not sure if this will help with me personally. I might just give it to a friend or something. If I don’t I will probably give this a go and let you know what I think.

The next product is a shea butter hand cream from Barefoot Venus in Sugarleaf scent. Again I have yet to try this out but it smells pretty good. The packaging looks adorable and it is the perfect sized bottle for traveling. I will be able to keep it in my handbag and whip it out anywhere, anytime! Not something I would go out and purchase myself but I will try it out anyways.

The last few products are my favourites from this month’s box and of course they are for nails. I received a China Glaze Limited Edition The Giver nail polish in New Birth. I love muted colours like this so I know I will get some good use out of it. The pigmentation is great (I can get away with 2 coats) but like all China Glaze I think they chip fairly easy on me.

The last is a bit crazy for me as it is a pack of silver press on snake print nail appliqués from Essie. I’ve tried some other press on nail products and wasn’t a fan but I hope Essie can help me out with my prejudice. I will get back to you on this as well!

Overall this Topbox wasn’t the best I’ve seen. I wish I could have gotten some products better suited for me at this time of the year but the night is young and I will continue to be subscribed to see what cool things pop up! I hope you liked this haul/unboxing. Fingers crossed July will be even better!

junetopbox2015 2

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