June Favourites: The Reasons As To Why I Am Now Broke

junefaves2015 3

I don’t think my mind can comprehend how fast this year is going by. June is over? How can this be? Somehow over the past 30 days I opened my wallet and watched as my money disappear. A little bit over here. Oh, that shirt is cute, I’ll take 5……Yup. This months favourites will be a farewell to the contents of my wallet. It will also be a preview to what will be up on my blog soon, hope you enjoy!

The first splurge of the month was from ColourPop, a Cali based Cosmetics Company that is blowing up the Internet. My favourites from my order are the Super Shock Eyeshadows in Shark Attack (pinky gold) and Coconut (blue!). I will have a full review coming out soon; it is just taking some time to get together than usual.

This month was also the release of Charlotte Tilbury in Canada. Check out my haul here. I am in love with Bronze & Glow and Pillow Talk so expect them in upcoming tutorials and reviews.

I was never one to religiously watch TV shows but when these two shows premiered their third seasons last week I was a little weak in the knees. My Mad Fat Diary is a show that I find hilarious, engaging and enlightening. You will fall in love with Rae Earl and the gang, I promise you that. The other show I am obsessed with is Graceland, the total opposite to the 90’s banter in MMFD. Graceland is the beachfront home of 6 agents from FBI, DEA and Customs who work undercover to kick some ass. The writer Jeff Easton previously wrote my absolute favourite show called White Collar and this is just as well written and full of suspense. Just excuse me while I cry over my favourite characters for a moment. *sniff sniff *

Selena Gomez’s Good For You is currently on repeat on Spotify. I will be dancing the night away to this song until I find another jam. It is smooth and silky and I cannot get enough. Selena is gorgeous in the video and ASAP takes it to another level. LOVELOVELOVELOVE

Are you still waiting to hear of my fashion favorites? Well, for the third month in a row it is again Brandy Melville. EVERYTHING. BRANDY. MELVILLE. There was a massive sale in my local BM and I went nuts. Literally. Expect a massive haul a.s.a.p.! This is a little sneak peak!

I hope this got you excited for what is coming up next. I am excited for the next couple of weeks. Link your favourites in the comments so I can see what you are up to! See you guys soon!

junefaves2015 junefaves2015 3 junefaves2015 2

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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8 thoughts on “June Favourites: The Reasons As To Why I Am Now Broke

    • ariebea

      I completely agree! I kept calling it peacock for so long but nope! It is Coconut! You need to get on the Brandy train! It is like wearing pi’s out in public! SO comfy and really cute too! Thanks lovely 🙂

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