The Easy Jean


When am I not in jeans and a t-shirt? I do buy clothes quite often but somehow I only seem to wear the same 2 shirts and 4 pairs of jeans on rotation. Let me tell you why this has become some sort of uniform for myself. Because it is EASY. I am always in a rush to get out of my house and a loose fitting shirt and jeans are a staple. And the easiest pair of jeans to style for me is none other than the American Apparel Easy Jeans. easyjean5 easyjean6easyjean1

easyjean7 easyjeans3easyjean1

I think the Easy Jeans are the ultimate high waisted skinny jeans. I think these jeans are really flattering on every body type. When I wear these I feel fabulous. I think it accentuates all the best parts and hides the rest. I am usually self-conscious about my legs (I need to do leg lifts or something) but I trust these to make me feel like $100. The waist fits perfectly in my natural waist and the leg length just reaches my ankle. My favourite is the blue acid wash because it can be casual and formal without being loungewear or white collar.

I also really like Topshop Joni Jeans because they are always so soft and are a bit cheaper. Where are your favourite jeans from? I think the Easy Jeans and Topshop jeans are a tie for me atm. Leave yours in the comments! Check out my Disco Pants post as well!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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