May Favourites: Skincare, Foundations and Being a Blogging Bum

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The month of May has gone and went. Where did the time go? Today is all about this past month’s favourites. There are quite a few things to talk about so I better get started. Also, as a side note, I am thinking of starting to make these types of posts into videos to mix it up a little bit. Is that something that would interest you guys? If it does, then give this post a like 🙂

Lets start with skincare shall we? I have two products that I use on the regular: the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo and the Origins Energizing moisturizer. This month I’ve been breaking out around my chin a lot and thankfully the Effaclar Duo was able to tame the little beasts. I honestly do not know what I would do without this guy. My skin has improved so much over the past year and I have this product to thank.

I’ve gotten into the routine of waking up at unholy hours to go to work. I don’t spend a lot of time on skincare; it is always one of those things that I brush over or skip when I am in a rush aka EVERY. MORNING. The Origins moisturizer, however, goes a great job of taking care of my skin and waking me up in the morning. The scent is so refreshing and soaks into my skin very well. These pots are quite expensive but I think they are worth the cash. They are Best Sellers for a reason, right?

Moving on to brows. The Milani EasyBrow is what I used every single day this past month. It is so quick to draw on and brush out and so similar to the Anastasia Brow Wiz but a fraction of the price. It is surprisingly natural looking and long lasting. I will need to stock up because I rarely come across Milani in my local drugstores.

I loved two foundations in the month of May. This surprises me because it’s rare that I would purchase foundations in this short period of time. Naturally, both are from L’Oreal, True Match and Infallible Pro Matte. Both have buildable coverage but I find the Matte to be a lot thicker in consistency. Both are incredibly lightweight and I find they look better after a couple of hours. I tend to use True Match when I don’t want to do a full face of makeup or when I am having a very good skin day. I use the Matte on really hot days when I know I will sweat a little more. Both are great, I will do a full comparison with pros and cons of each later on in June.

As per usual, I love my Brandy Melville tshirt dress that I hauled not long ago. I mean clothes that feel like pajamas that are socially acceptable to wear out are always going to be a fave, am I right?

I was a big Converse wearer this month as well. I wore them pretty much every time I went out. I will do outfits with them soon. So look out for those.

This month was a little tough for me blogging-wise. I planned on getting videos and posts ready and waiting to be published but sadly that didn’t happen. I was in quite a rut, but thankfully, I was able to do some major blog regroup by watching a crap ton of videos and reading everything on my Bloglovin’ feed. So expect some experimenting on my blog for a bit. I am thinking of changing up some things, but do send me a quick message of feedback, I would really appreciate it.

Checking out a crap ton of new blogs on Bloglovin’ was definitely the reason why I am out of my rut. I mean some of these blogs are truly amazing that I am in awe. I am excited to be more motivated again. That being said, I have also been on my Instagram and following more blogging peoples! You can follow me @ariebea so give me a shout and I will follow you back!

So another lifestyle favourite is watching Hannah Maggs Vlogs all day, everyday. Well okay, only on Sundays when I don’t have a lot of work to catch up on but, I found out that I watch YouTube on my TV and I am taking full advantage. I love the Michalak family vlogs when I am feeling down. Stefs editing is elevating the weekly vlog standards week-by-week (he will hate me if he reads that, sorry Stef but I can’t wait to see what you come up with next) baby Grayson is such an adorable ball of cuteness. I want to pinch his cheeks ALL. THE TIME. Lastly, Hannah is the glue of the family. She is the caring mother, loving partner, and does it all with Grac(i)e. Her makeup bags are adorable as well! Did you know that she does the best Grayson commentary I have ever witnessed? I mean, she gets the best lines in there! I love it! I get such a hoot watching 30 minutes of their week on my Sunday mornings. Keep at it Michalaks!

This is getting quite long now so I will cut it off here. I hope you enjoyed my monthy favourites. Link me with your faves in my comments so I can have a look at what you are obsessed with. Remember to link, comment and all that jazz! See you guys soon!

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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2 thoughts on “May Favourites: Skincare, Foundations and Being a Blogging Bum

  1. Rose

    I love seeing drugstore brand makeup get some love! They’ve totally upped their game. I really want to try that Infallible Matte Pro foundation so bad! It’s great to see it made it into your favorites, I’ll have to check it out 🙂

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