Lippys I Love, Tanya Burr


I have a massive girl crush on blogger, YouTuber and all-round amazing human being Tanya Burr. When she launched her nail polish and lip gloss lines in the UK I knew that somehow, someday I needed to get my hands on her products. And today is that day.

The shades that I got were Picnic in the Park and Chic. I am not normally a lip gloss wearer but I find the pigmentation on this amazing. With one coat I have low maintenance, beautiful, glossy lips that I can wear everyday.

I normally don’t wear lip gloss because I hate it when my hair gets stuck in it and I get it everywhere on my face other than my lips. Sometimes we just don’t get along. These lip glosses are quite thick but not too tacky so I tend to wear them on weekends when my hair is tied up and I need to run errands. I don’t slather this all over but instead, put a little in the center of my lips and purse them together to distribute the product. Both shades are quite natural and help brighten up my face.

In my opinion, Tanya did a great job on this product and I will continue to support her on her future endeavors. Whether it is more lip products, nail polish and lashes, Tanya can do no wrong. Such a sweet amazing human being. WOOP! WOOP! *double fist pump*

*live simply, love lightly, laugh loudly*

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