Interview with Fiona Parkhouse X Ariebea + Amie Skincare GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]


Springtime is finally here! The sun is shining and the weather is warming up nicely. It would be such a shame for your skin to be unprotected and uncared for as the seasons change. Good thing for you I had the wonderful opportunity for speaking to Fiona Parkhouse, the creator of Amie Skincare, who let me know what it is like to create her skincare line! From her top spring skincare tips to which celebrity she would love to see endorse her products I have it all here! And stick around to the end of this post to find out how you can WIN 3 of Fiona’s favourite products from her line!

Here is what we chatted about:

Amie Insider Secrets

AB:      I absolutely love Amie Skincare but there are quite a few natural brands already circulating the market, what inspired you to create your own line of natural skincare products? What was your trigger into the beauty industry?

FP:       Well, unusually, what inspired me to create my own range was my daughter, Samantha. I started Amie because I had become so frustrated searching for products that would be right for her skin. She was starting to go through puberty and needed something to control the oiliness and blemishes that were starting to affect her. I wanted something gentle yet effective, that was full of great natural ingredients and free from harsh and aggressive chemicals that could irritate her delicate skin.

AB:      What makes Amie Skincare different/stand out from the competition?

FP:       I think I am passionate that skincare products should not disappoint and that they should deliver what they promise. So many products promise the earth and then let you down! I will not produce anything that doesn’t help or improve women’s skin – that’s always been my mantra.

AB:      I am obsessed with the scents you chose for your products! How important is choosing the scents and ingredients for your products?

FB:       Well, thank you! You are right, choosing the fragrance can take a long time as, for me, the fragrance is so important. You will know that often the first thing that anyone does when they try a new skincare product, is to smell it. And this is exactly what I always do, so I wanted to have wonderful fragrances that would make the range enjoyable and uplifting to use.

AB:      Morning Dew and Morning Clear have to be my favourite scents! There has been a couple of times my sister would sneak it into her room but I always make sure to get it back and use it in my own daily routine.

AB:      What does it take to launch a brand? Any advice for smaller brands trying to breakout into the industry?

FP:       My advice would be to really research your offering and to really be sure you are not duplicating some other product already out there on the market. Also, remember, beauty is a business, just like any other, so you need to be comfortable with numbers too!

AB:      What are your thoughts on broadening your consumer demographic? Originating from the UK, what made you decide to land on Canadian soil?

FP:       Well, Canada came calling to me! I think that the Amie brand principles struck a chord with Canadian consumers. And yes, we are planning to expand Amie into other countries in the future but only slowly and carefully so that we never disappoint our customers.

AB:      Well I am glad Canadians have the chance to see your products first! I am sure everyone will love Amie.

AB:      What is the best thing(s) about launching your own business?

FP:       Definitely the most rewarding this about launching my own skincare range, is the response I have had from women all round the world. It means a huge amount to me to know that my products help women enjoy clearer, radiant skin. I get emails every day from our customers who just love Amie products and it really makes all the hard work so worthwhile.

AB:      Give us the Insider’s Guide inside the beauty business. It can’t be as glamorous as we all think it is!

FP:       You are right! It is a glamorous business and the products are gorgeous but I have spent a lot of time over the years on my hands and knees unpacking or packing up cardboard boxes of product too!

AB:      It is nice to know that Amie started from a humble beginning. As a customer and blogger I am sure we all appreciate your hard work and dedication to your brand.


AB:        What are your top skincare tips for the upcoming Spring/Summer season?

FP:       I like to keep things simple, and time is short! One is to cleanse your face morning and night. Two is to moisturize every day. Three is to use a SPF (sun protection factor) in the sun.

The key for me is to use a good cleansing and moisturising regime every day. Our best-selling facial wash, Morning Clear, is nourishing and moisturising as well as cleansing. It contains 15% moisturisers which is why skin is left soft and conditioned after use. This makes it ideal to use in the winter when the weather is cold and harsh as well as in the summer when the heat can dry out our skin.

It is also important to use the right moisturiser that’s created with your skin-type in mind. At Amie we have our wonderful rose-based Morning Light Hydrating Daily Moisturiser for normal/dry-dry skins and our award-winning Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturiser with orange and lemon blossom which is light, hydrating yet controls oiliness and shine, leaving skin mattified and soft.

AB:      What are your Holy Grail skincare or makeup items you cannot go a day without?

FP:       For me, I adore our Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash – I use it every day without fail and it is simply the best.

I wear eyeliner and mascara every day, so I always need to use a good eye make-up remover which is why I created Amie Bright Eyes Very Gentle Eye Makeup Remover – does exactly what it promises with soothing cucumber and chamomile too.

Mineral make-up foundation as it suits my oily skin and gives good, not too heavy coverage.

AB:      What beauty trends are you hoping to see more of this year?

FP:       Anything with good quality, natural ingredients is what I like to see, such as the rise in Argan based products.

AB:      Your favorite product from your personal line and why. What product my readers cannot live without from your line?

FP:       For me, I adore our Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash – I use it every day without fail and it is simply the best. I wear eyeliner and mascara every day, so I always need to use a good eye make-up remover which is why I created Amie Bright Eyes Very Gentle Eye Makeup Remover – does exactly what it promises with soothing cucumber and chamomile too.

If you can only buy two things, then buy Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash and Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturiser – our hero products.

AB:      If you can have one celebrity endorse/use your products who would you want it to be and why.

FB:       Ooh, very hard question! I suppose being British and being natural; I like straightforward, beautiful English roses such as Keira Knightly or Emma Watson.

AB:      I am absolutely in love with both Keira and Emma. They fit you brandy wholly and completely! A perfect match!

AB:      What is the one thing my readers should know when they see your product on the shelves.

FP:       In a nutshell, Amie skincare is your skin’s best friend.

I would love to thank Fiona Parkhouse for taking the time to chat with me. I am sure from the interview you can see how kind and humble she is. I am sure you have seen her products all over my blog because I cannot get enough of them. Now for the fun part: A GIVEAWAY! Today Fiona and I will be giving away 3 products: one (1) Morning Light Hydrating Moisturiser, one (1) Morning Clear Facial Wash and one (1) Morning Dew Matte Finish Moisturiser. The giveaway will begin on MAY 4, 2015 AT 12AM GMT (MAY 3 AT 8PM EST) and end on MAY 11, 2015. Canadian residents only! Enter using the Raffelcopter widget below! Get your hands on some of Amie Skincare products on the shelves of Shoppers Drug Mart NOW! Good luck and stay radiant!

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